The DOs And DON’Ts Of Eating Out With Children

There are numerous restaurants in Littleton and you should feel free to bring your little ones with you when visiting. Even so, there are some unwritten rules that should be followed if you want to make this a pleasant experience for everyone.

DO look for places that cater to families. While many restaurants do not have rules that outlaw little ones, it is best to go to places where it is common to see families. There are some environments, like wine bars, that are not considered appropriate for children.

DON’T allow your children to run around unattended. There is nothing more irritating to others, and unsafe, as having small children running around a restaurant without guidance. This makes things particularly troublesome when there are wait staff since it means they may be tripping over little ones while trying to do their jobs. Do everyone a favor and make sure that your children are by your side at all times.

DO call ahead to ask about things like kid;s menus and high chairs. Do you really want to be that person who shows up and makes a scene when they are told there is no children’s menu and/or there is only one high chair and it is in use? By calling ahead you will know exactly what can be expected once you arrive.

DON’T forget to set ground rules before leaving the house. Let your children know how they should act when they are at the restaurant. Be clear about the guidelines and let them know what to expect if they decide to ignore them. For instance, take away TV privileges for one week if your child throws a tantrum when they find out their favorite items are not on the menu.

DO allow your child to have some input when choosing a place. It can be tempting to choose whatever you want and have your child be forced to accept it, but is that really fair? Since the goal is for everyone to enjoy themselves, you should definitely allow them to offer feedback.

Going to a restaurant with the whole family can be very fun and exciting. On the other hand, it can be an experience that someone would love to soon forget. If you want to have a great dining experience without any bumps in the road, you should make it a point to keep all of this information in mind.